Types of Drawing Tablets in Brief

Mar 25,2020 PM 13:04



If you want to do any digital artwork a drawing tablet is basically essential. And It will be a great investment for anyone who wants to improve their drawing and design skills.

Choosing the right drawing tablet is important. Let us talk about the 3 different types of drawing tablets available on the market and compare the pros and cons of each type, to help you make the right decision.

There are in-total three different types of drawing tablets:

  1. Simple Drawing Pen Tablet (Without Screen/Display)

  2. Drawing Pen Display Tablet (With Screen/Display)

  3. Standalone Drawing Tablet (Requires No Computer)

1. Simple Drawing Pen Tablet (Without Screen/Display)

XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 Drawing Pen Tablet.jpg

It's just a simple drawing pad without display. You will have to connect it to Computer/PC, run drawing apps on computer/pc and will have to use pen on your drawing pen tablet that will reflect on your computer screen. That's it.

drawing tablets that do not have a screen require a very well-developed hand-eye coordination because they're hard to use in the beginning.  there will be a learning curve due to the disconnect of having to look at the monitor and not your hand. 

Pros for a screenless tablet, there's less cable management and it's cheaper. Buy a decent tablet that does not have a screen, the usual recommendation is the XPPen Star or XPPen Deco .

2. Drawing Pen Display Tablet (With Screen/Display)

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Drawing Pen Display With Screen.jpg

A drawing pen display is much more like a simple drawing pen tablet. The only difference is that, it comes with a display screen. You have to connect it to the Computer/PC but there is no need to look at the Computer/PC screen while drawing. The whole Computer/PC screen will appear on your drawing pen display tablet.

With a color accurate display and pen, you'll be able to draw as naturally as if you were drawing on paper. And the professional screen drawing tablets has amazing pen accuracy and levels of pressure sensitivity that ensure that your lines will be consistent and accurate– no matter how hard you press down on the pen.

For XP-Pen we're pretty much talking about a XPPen Artist. They don't make standalone drawing tablets like the Wacom MobileStudio Pro so you need to hook it up to an existing computer to make it work with drawing software like photoshop, illustrator, CSP, SAI...etc.

3. Standalone Drawing Tablet (Requires No Computer)

Wacom MobileStudio Pro Standalone Drawing Tablet.jpg

A standalone drawing tablet is a combo of Computer/PC and drawing tablet. It's a drawing tablet that comes with hardware and features of Computer/PC like processor, graphics card, RAM, storage, etc... and so won't need to connect with external Computer/PC. 

A standalone drawing tablet will run drawing apps and software itself and you can take it out with you on the go which  will give you more portability. the best options are ipad pro, surface pro, samsung galaxy tab and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro which compatible with a digital pen, function without being connected to a laptop. 

The only question is the price, for instance, The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16” retails at $3,499 making it the most expensive standalone drawing tablet by a substantial margin.

The End Note

As a conclusion, the simple drawing pen tablet without screen is for beginners and cheaper. One should start it's drawing career with a drawing pen tablet. 

A drawing pen display tablet with screen is for both mediocres as well as professionals. They are a bit expensive and huge range of budget is available for these tablets. 

And, the standalone drawing tablets is for professionals only and are expensive. So, you can choose from the one as per your usage and budget.

The most important thing is that you keep on practicing and developing your skills.

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