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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Gaming Tablet In 2024

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The market is thriving when it comes to tablets but not all of them are suited for gaming. Different tablets have different use cases. For example, a tablet that is built for media will contain a better screen. However, for gaming, you might need to look for the best gaming tablets that will play all games from Brawlstars to something like Genshin Impact.

Gaming tablets offer a smoother and more stellar gameplay experience. The best gaming tablet has operating systems that are compatible with contemporary games and powerful hardware configurations that are power-efficient and match the user's demands.

The best gaming tablet justifies its cost. It balances entertainment and productivity functions while maintaining excellent gaming. It also determines the gaming experience. While many play games on their smartphones these days, the experience isn’t as flawless as compared to a gaming tablet or a regular tablet. A regular tablet may have small screens and constrained RAM, making it difficult for them to match the game's functionality and graphics.

Over time, gaming has undergone significant changes. Nowadays, gaming tablets are starting to form their own niche. Even though a regular tablet can run many low-spec games, a gaming tab is built to perform the heaviest tasks with its overpowered processing and other specs.

As there are many tablets to choose from in the market, you might be asking what’s the best gaming tablet. Thus, when making a purchase, it is preferable to have a guide. So, we have included the best gaming tablets for 2024 along with other important considerations for tablet buyers.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gaming Tablet

There are several reasons why a conventional tablet or your smartphone cannot double as a gaming tablet. Even though your phone or a regular tablet can play games, the best gaming tablet puts you on a different edge. There are numerous factors to consider in order for a tablet to support games. Therefore, we have listed a few of them.

OS Systems

Regular tablets still have a running mobile OS system, but the best tablet for gaming has a sophisticated high-performance operating system; however, that would vary depending on the brand you would be buying.

The specific brand you choose will determine what kind of operating system it has. OS has an impact on gaming wherein the game you may play can be actually determined by the operating system. For instance, a particular game might be fantastic on Mac but not on Windows.

Furthermore, certain games are incompatible with different operating systems. It is therefore essential to select an Android gaming tablet with an almost universally compatible operating system. Make sure you know what operating system and purpose you want your gaming tablet to serve before you purchase one.


The best Android gaming tablets have the best battery life. Largest batteries simply mean you’re going to use that juice for media, gaming, or any other tasks you’re into. But if you're looking to buy one for gaming, you should get one that can run for at least 10 hours.

Let's assume that these hours are the maximum for continuous playtime. Of course, charging is also an option while playing, but it is not recommended as it could cause your tablet to overheat. A weak battery also compromises the tablet's portability.

In cases like that, the user may be discouraged from playing outside due to battery life concerns as it requires to be continuously plugged in.


Resolution entices entertainment. Choose an Android gaming tablet with the best resolution for you might not appreciate the game world with a low-resolution tablet. Playing games with low resolution can cause textures to look fuzzy, objects to lose sharpness, and images to appear less detailed.

This may have an impact on how enjoyable the game is overall by making it more difficult to identify foes, read text, or notice little elements in the game environment.


It's advised that any player who wishes to enhance their gaming experience have more RAM than they need for the games they want to play. RAM will increase frame rates and improve system responsiveness. 6GB of RAM is sufficient for the majority of games to run well.

Nevertheless, 8GB is advised for some of the more recent, ambitious games, as you can experience lag problems otherwise. Therefore, a decent tablet for gaming should have at least 6GB RAM or higher.

When it comes to iOS-related devices, even 4GB RAM is enough since the operating system is light. However, Android devices require more RAM and some of the newest tabs go as far as to provide us with 12GB of RAM.

In conclusion, anywhere between 6-12GB is perfect for gaming.

Top Picks For Gaming Tablets

Listed below are the best tablets for gaming which greatly consider the factors mentioned above.

Best gaming tablet overall- Apple iPad Pro


The iPad Pro appears to be the gadget of the future. This is overall the best gaming tablet. It features all the components you'll need, including the processor, screen, and accessories. This tablet is powered by an M4 processor, which Apple created especially to fit the Pro's new screen and design.

Best Tablet for Apple Users

The high-end version of the iPad Pro contains an additional performance core in the processor and either 1TB or 2TB of storage. Its new OLED display primarily creates a brighter, sharper panel. The iPad Pro is generally an excellent 13-inch 5.1 mm thin, portable gaming tablet. It weighs only one pound as opposed to regular tablets which are usually 1.5 to 2 pounds.

Although it might not seem like much, the added weight starts to wear on you after holding a tablet for hours. The iPad Pro could also pass as the best budget gaming tablet that gives you more than what you paid for. It can handle even the most intricate, memory-intensive games, and the ProMotion display looks great which makes this gaming tablet a better value for gamers.

Best Android tablet for gaming- XPPen Magic Drawing Pad


The good news is, the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad isn’t just an illustrator’s tablet but this is also the best Android tablet for gaming. This pen tablet can give you a high-performance gaming experience, given its screen display, RAM, and operating system. It’s a great tablet where all programs run very smoothly.

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad

But the battery life is where XPPen’s Magic Drawing Pad takes the cake. It features a beautiful 12.2-inch IPS display. However, resolution is where things get more interesting. You see, XPPen’s drawing tab comes with a Quad-HD display.

This display was originally used in many mobile smartphones and the viewing experience was amazing. Translate the 2160 x 1440p resolution into this tab and you’ll get a gaming experience you’ll never forget!

The display is sharp, color-accurate, and amazing for not only gaming but other tasks like drawing, viewing pictures, and watching movies. Moreover, the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad has 360 nits brightness. While it’s not suitable to game outside, inside your house, you’re going to get a perfect gaming session experience.

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad for gaming

However, that’s not the key highlight of this tab. The main superpower it has is that it’s a tab that can be used for various purposes. It mixes the concept of graphic tabs and gaming tabs, giving you double the fun for just a fraction of the price you’ll invest in other devices. Lastly, if you love Roblox, you’re going to enjoy the best graphic tablet for Roblox available in the market.

Best Samsung tablet for gaming- Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra


Samsung is still trying to compete in the gaming market when it comes to Android tablets. With releases of phones like the S7+ and the gaming mode, Samsung has always been serious about giving you a great gaming machine.

Enter Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, the wisest option as a graphic tab. And if you want an Android operating system with a big-screen display, Samsung S8 is also leading the pack right now. The larger display made puzzle games like Monument Valley easier to navigate, but it also made on-screen controls particularly challenging for anything too demanding.

But what about the specifications? Firstly, Samsung gives you a 14.6-inch display that looks straight out of heaven. You can enjoy just any game or movie on this big display because it’s designed for the niche customer base.

To make things exciting, the S8 is one of the best Samsung tablets for gaming as it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Moreover, with an 1848 x 2960p display, you’ll be blown away by its sharpness and the result it provides

As we’ve discussed before, RAM is one of the most important parts in any gaming tab. So, the Samsung Tab gives you an option between 12GB to 16GB, which is quite overkill.

Best Lenovo gaming tablet- Lenovo Legion Tab Gen 2


This is the best Lenovo gaming tablet that offers unparalleled tablet performance, making it ideal for gamers who manage several devices on a regular basis. It is a 76mm thin, 350-gram tablet with exceptional gaming performance.

Getting into the technical details, that’s where the Lenovo Legion Tab blows its competitors and customers away. You’re getting one of the newest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chips that is not only battery-efficient but can run any game available on mobile!

Couple it up with the overpowered 12GB DDR5X memory, you can have dozens of all opened in the background and it will still open like a champ. Storage-wise, it has 256GB but with expandable storage. Quite odd in 2024, right? But with a 144Hz display, you are truly going to enjoy the true essence of gaming.

Truly with all its powerful specs, this gaming tablet not only brings vibrant game visuals but also allows more gaming on the go. With its haptic technology, gamers may immerse themselves further in the game and receive more feedback.

But what’s really unique with this tablet is its Legion Cold Front vapor which keeps things cool when gaming gets hot. There’s also its long battery life and energy-saving mode. With all of its impressive specifications, this gaming tablet really does allow for more gaming on the go in addition to bringing colorful game images.

Best budget gaming tablet- XPPen Star G640S


Of course, Apple products can still be expensive. Taking into account its compatibility limitations, you may choose a less expensive tablet. XPPen Star is the best budget gaming tablet, as it is less expensive than Apple but still provides the same features and gameplay experience as the top products on the market.

This gaming tablet fits your artistic and gamer lifestyle. Its powerful specs and processor make this a drawing and gaming tablet in one. It’s an incredibly good tablet that you wouldn’t think twice about buying considering the sophisticated features it offers and its budgeted price. Its 6.4 x 4 inches screen space provides enough space for gaming, plus its light and sleek design makes this an on-the-go tablet. So, gaming anywhere wouldn’t be a problem.

XPPen Star G640S is one of the most value-to-money drawing tablets but there’s one more speciality. It is also the best OSU Graphics tablet in the market. If you know OSU, you know how difficult the game can be. Regular drawing tablets have batteries in their pens, which ultimately get drained but with this tab, there are no batteries!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Tablets

Q1: Is there a tablet to play games on?

In the recent decade, gaming and esports have become a profitable niche for gamers and for manufacturers. However, if you want the best possible experience in gaming, you will need a graphic table.

In this blog, we’ve already discussed all the graphic tabs. You can play any mobile game on the tab and it will run smoothly as long as you pick the right choice.

Q2: What is the best Android tablet for gaming?

There are actually lots of Android gaming tablets in the market, but so far, the best one, that’s been mentioned above, is the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad. This is the best Android gaming tablet in terms of functionality.

XPPen is the leading brand in the market that is popular for its multi-purpose features. For instance, it isn’t just for gaming, but for art and entertainment too. This brand of Android gaming tablet can compete with iPads in terms of excellence and running on complex games.

Q3: How to choose a gaming tablet?

Choosing a gaming table should not be a complex task. Basically, you need to ensure that you have an appropriate resolution, a nice processor, a good amount of RAM, and battery life that can support your gaming sessions.

Q4: How much RAM for a gaming tablet?

The gaming performance of the tablet is dependent on its RAM capacity. Although 4GB RAM is sufficient for casual gaming, playing mid-range games will cause lags as optimal gaming performance requires more RAM. As a result, the first feature a serious player searches for in a gaming tablet is RAM storage.

A tablet with more RAM than what is advised will run games more smoothly, load pages faster, and respond to touch commands more quickly. Thus, you may secure your gaming sessions by getting more RAM than 4GB. Complex games can be played on a gaming tablet with at least 6GB of RAM and above, which also enables seamless multitasking.

Q5: What is the best size tablet for gaming?

While smaller tablets are readily handled in one hand, larger tablets are superior for media consumption. One of the most popular tab sizes is between 9-10 inches. It is a sweet spot where the tabi is not too big but big enough for you to enjoy gaming.

However, a 7-inch tab is good if you’re on a budget. Small and large tablets for gaming both have their advantages. Small and lighter tablets are more portable but bigger tablets offer immersive gameplay. Nevertheless, in terms of tablet size, consumers choose what best fits their needs.


Before purchasing a tablet, a customer must first know its intended use. Only then can they select the tablet that best suits their requirements. For a gaming tablet, you might need to invest in something that comes with a good processor and an appropriate amount of RAM.

You may choose the ideal tablet for yourself with the help of our buying guides for gaming tablets.

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