best cheap graphics drawing tablets for osu gameplay

5 Best Cheap Graphics Drawing Pad Tablets for OSU Gameplay

XPPen 2023-12-28 18:04:00 8 min read

Best Tablets for OSU Quick View:

1. Star G430S

2. Star G640

3. Star G640S

4. Deco Fun S

5. Deco Mini 4

6. Deco Mini 7

OSU is a free rhythm game where the objective is to hit circles and sync your mouse or pen movements with the music. It might seem simple, but it's surprisingly addictive! Within the game, you'll engage with beat maps, and there's a choice of various difficulty levels to explore.

It's an immersive experience, an engaging blend of vibrant colors, speed, and music. This game fosters competitiveness, making it crucial to have the best tablet for OSU if you aim to secure a spot on the leaderboard.

Why opt for drawing tablets for OSU?

While many players use a mouse as their primary controller, to excel in higher tiers, a drawing tablet becomes necessary. Graphics tablets offer an alternative approach to gameplay. These pads operate with a stylus and connect to your computer. By hovering the pen over the drawing pad, the cursor mirrors its movements, and tapping the pen acts as a mouse click.

Originally designed for digital art, these tablets happen to be exceptionally compatible with OSU gameplay, enhancing your overall experience. They contribute to improved speed, accuracy, and fun while playing. Furthermore, graphic tablets provide absolute tracking, enabling instantaneous cursor movement to new locations, thereby saving precious seconds during gameplay.

However, certain specifications like pressure levels don't significantly impact OSU gameplay.

What features you should look into the best OSU tablet?

Active Area OSU tablet

The primary attraction of OSU! tablets lies in their absolute tracking, where a tablet's size significantly impacts gameplay. Smaller tablets allow quicker hand repositioning, potentially scoring more points, but excessively small sizes can compromise accuracy. Conversely, larger tablets demand excessive arm flicks, causing fatigue and prolonged gaming. Opting for a smaller active area proves advantageous in saving milliseconds.

Report Rate

The Report Rate plays a crucial role in OSU gameplay by determining a tablet's response time—higher rates indicate better performance. It measures how frequently the tablet relays stylus position and pressure information to the computer. Ideally, a rate of 200+ RPS ensures optimal performance. Some players recommend using Hawku tablet drivers to enhance response times for compatible tablets.


In terms of reliability, a wired connection outweighs wireless connectivity during OSU gameplay. A mere millisecond interruption could disrupt your entire gaming progress, a risk not worth taking.


Resolution influences accuracy, with higher resolutions typically delivering better performance. However, the accuracy of most tablets remains satisfactory, ensuring the cursor appears precisely where expected.

Pen Type

The type of pen used significantly impacts gameplay. Opt for a battery-free EMR stylus for precise input without the inconvenience of charging. Avoid issues related to battery drainage that could affect your gaming performance.

Express Buttons

Simplicity is key when selecting a tablet for OSU. Fewer buttons and features reduce the risk of accidental presses. Consider disabling buttons if they're present on the tablet.


Consider whether the tablet will solely serve OSU gameplay or if you'll use it for other purposes like illustration, online teaching, or graphic design. Tailor your purchase based on your specific needs.

Hover or Drag

Choosing between hovering (faster) and dragging (more stable/accurate) is a matter of personal preference. Experiment with both to determine your comfort level.

Tablet Vendors

XPPen, established in 2005, is a reputable tablet company offering quality tablets, especially the Star G640, well-regarded within the OSU and digital artist communities. It's a popular choice for newcomers entering the tablet realm.

Whether you prioritize gaming or multifunctional use, these factors can guide you toward selecting the ideal tablet for your OSU experience.

5 best Osu Graphics Tablet Recommendation

1. XPPen Star G430S / Star G640

XPPen Star G430SXPPen Star G640

These tablets stand out for their affordability and slim design (only 2mm thick). XPPen Star G430S / Star G640 offers minimal input lag and a commendable design. With an active area of 4 x 3 inches / 6 x 4 inches, it's slightly smaller than other options, ideal for smaller display devices like laptops.

Despite other budget-friendly alternatives, this tablet strikes a balance between price and features, making it ideal for beginner OSU players. The stylus boasts fast-tracking with 266 RPS and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, great for graphic design and custom OSU skins. Its lightweight, battery-free pen ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Opt for the Star G640 Rev A for optimal OSU gameplay (max 266 RPS) over Rev B, which supports Chromebook but exhibits some lag in OSU gaming.

2. XPPen Star G640S

The XPPen Star G640S tablet offers a practical 6.5 x 4 inch work/play area and maintains a slim 9mm thickness, making it effortlessly portable in laptop bags or briefcases. Its EMR stylus ensures worry-free usage without the need for charging, featuring a comfortable rubber grip for handling during intense moments.

This tablet boasts stability, accuracy, and minimal latency (266RPS), making it an ideal choice for both gaming and engaging in digital arts or design. Moreover, individuals seeking drawing capabilities can customize the six buttons to suit their preferences.

Compatible with Chrome OS, Android, Windows, and macOS, this tablet facilitates handwriting, editing, annotation, and stylus-based tasks for online education, e-learning, remote work, or web conferences.

3. XPPen Deco Fun XS / S

XPPen Deco Fun

Available in XS (4.8 x 3 inches), S (6.3 x 4 inches), and L (10 x 6.27 inches), XPPen Deco Fun comes in four color variants. With a report rate of ≥220 RPS, it offers speed and responsiveness, ensuring smooth cursor movements without delays. Four large rubber pads on the tablet's back provide stability on various surfaces. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Android devices, making it an affordable yet quality option for those seeking a stylish tablet.

4. XPPen Deco mini4

This Deco Mini 4 tablet boasts impressive responsiveness similar to other XPPen devices, offering a superb pen and sturdy construction overall. With a tracking area measuring 4 x 3 inches and six programmable shortcut keys, this tablet proves versatile, remarkably slim, compact, and resilient.

Enjoy flawless cursor responsiveness and outstanding accuracy with no noticeable delay. Its EMR stylus, equipped with a rubber grip, ensures hassle-free gaming and effective handling.

Additionally, its exceptional portability eliminates concerns about breakage, making it sturdier than many other drawing tablets, resilient enough for extensive use. Compatible with Chromebook, Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems, this tablet offers wide-ranging usability across multiple platforms.

5. XPPen Deco Mini7

XPPen Deco Mini 7

This tablet boasts an active area measuring 7 x 4.37 inches, rivaling the size of more expensive options. Its generous size caters not only to OSU! enthusiasts but also appeals to graphic arts aficionados. The surface mirrors the durable and responsive feel akin to that of the Wacom tablets, complemented by rubber grips on the stylus for enhanced handling.

The stylus's build exudes a genuine sense of quality, ensuring durability without compromise. Additionally, its substantial hovering distance proves to be a convenient feature. Notably, the

XPPen Deco Mini7 supports tilt sensitivity, which greatly benefits drawing enthusiasts seeking precise input.

Beyond its ergonomic design, the Deco Mini7 impresses with commendable performance in high-speed rhythm mapping for OSU! enthusiasts. Compatibility extends across Windows, macOS, Chromebook, and Android devices, catering to a wide user base.

Moreover, this tablet offers a wireless variant known as the XPPen Deco Mini7w, sharing similar looks and functionalities with its wired counterpart.


If your tablet usage is solely for OSU gameplay, you have the flexibility to select any tablet from these options based on your budget. Cheaper tablets serve the purpose well, as you don't require extensive size or high pressure sensitivity for an enjoyable gaming experience.

However, if your tablet usage extends to drawing alongside OSU gameplay, opting for a cheaper tablet might not be the best decision. Yet, for beginners, these options can still serve adequately.

Using a pen pad can significantly enhance your experience, but the crucial elements remain your skill and the dedication you put into practice.

Any thoughts, share with us in the comments below!

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