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Yes, you need a graphics tablet for osu!

XPPen 2023-08-22 16:06:18 2 min read

osu! is competitive.

We know you want to win.

A mouse and keyboard are enough for top players. If you had given Picasso a ball pen, he would still have been able to draw a masterpiece. Still, with the convenience technology brings, you can reach beyond the limits of your potential. The graphics tablet is going to help you there.

There are many features that need to be considered, such as the active area size, the weight of a stylus, and the report rate. For playing osu!, pen pressure and reading height are not that important.

The most important features for osu

·      Active area: Small tablets are more suitable in this case. Since the active area scales down to the same proportion and distance as the screen, the moving distance is shorter on small tablets than on large ones.

·      Accuracy and report rate:osu! is all about accuracy and timing. The error of accuracy needs to be small enough and the RPS high enough (>200) to quickly send information about the stylus' position and pressure back to the computer.

·      Stylus: Usually, a stylus that needs recharging is heavier than a battery-free one.

Top Three XP-Pen Graphics Tablets for osu

1. Star G430S

The G430S is made for osu! It is only 2mm thick and has a 4x3" active area. With the lightweight battery-free pen, you can also move swiftly.

2. Star G640

The G640 is also suitable for osu! It has all the advantages the G430S offers, but it's slightly larger (6x4''). The G640 can also be used as a drawing tablet.

3. Star G640S

The G640S is mainly a drawing tablet and has six shortcut keys. It has the same active areas as the G640, but it is thicker. So, although it can be used for osu!, it's not the optimal choice.

To sum up, if you would like to buy a graphics tablet for osu!, the sequence of priority is as follows: G430S, G640, and G640S.

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