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Best Tablets with Keyboards and Pens in 2024

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When it comes to work or school having a tablet with keyboard and pen, they can give you unparalleled usefulness and efficiency to do your task. These accessories with the tablet can combine the portability of a tablet with the efficiency of a laptop and the accuracy of a stylus–the perfect trio to fulfill your needs.

The stylus pen allows for productive note-taking and creative expression, and the tablet keyboard can facilitate comfortable typing during long work sessions. As we explore the best tablet with keyboard and penoptions in 2024, we'll see how these devices are revolutionizing productivity and functionality.

Benefits of tablets with keyboards and pens

Tablets with keyboards and pens provide a lot of benefits for people looking for a multipurpose gadget. First of all, a keyboard makes a tablet a productive tool. A tablet with keyboard can offer a more pleasant typing experience than touch screens–it would be a great tool whenever you're writing emails, reports, or code.

The pen or stylus expands the capability in still another way. Precise input is made possible for digital art, taking notes, and annotating documents. Students and working professionals who need to annotate PDFs or take handwritten notes may find this tool especially helpful.

Moreover, the combination of a tablet with keyboard and pen provides unmatched portability. They are usually smaller and lighter than traditional laptops and therefore perfect for traveling. Detachable keyboards are another characteristic of many models that make it simple for users to change between tablet and laptop.

Last but not least, tablets with keyboards frequently run a powerful mobile OS or complete desktop OS, giving users access to a large library of programs and applications. They are appropriate for both work and play because of their adaptability.

Factor to consider when choosing the best tablet with a keyboard

When choosing the best tablet with keyboard, there are a lot of things to consider. Usually, one should think about the operating system first. Choose the operating system that best meets your needs and software requirements as each has pros and cons.

Another important consideration is performance. Always examine the device's processor, RAM, and storage to be sure that it can perform the tasks you intend it to do. It could also be required to use a higher powerful tablet if you are multitasking with demanding apps.

You should also make sure that the pen and keyboard are of the highest quality. Analyze its overall typing experience, layout, and key travel. It is also right to think about things like pressure sensitivity and palm rejection technology while choosing a stylus. Aside from that portability is important–and it requires a long battery life. The best tablet with keyboard should offer all-day battery life to support productivity on the go.

In addition to that, a good display quality is also crucial, particularly for jobs requiring visual processing. To guarantee compatibility with your other devices and accessories, you should also take connectivity options, such as ports and wireless capabilities, into consideration. Lastly, factor in your budget. While premium options offer top-tier performance, there are also a lot of excellent mid-range and budget-friendly tablets with keyboards available.

Best tablets with keyboards and pens

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad

The XPPen Magic Drawing Pad stands out as one of the very best android tablet with keyboard and pen because it offers a unique blend of creativity and productivity features. This innovative gadget has an Android operating system, which makes it useful for both daily chores and creative adventures.

XPPen Magic Drawing Pad

The tablet's X-Paper display is one of its most notable features because it offers a paper-like drawing experience without the negative effects of glare or blue light pollution. It becomes even better with its X3 Pro stylus, a remarkable stylus with a 16K pressure level that gives accurate and subtle digital art production.

With 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the tablet's speed is top tier, allowing for seamless multitasking and enough of room for your projects. The ability of this tablet to greatly increase both production efficiency and enjoyment value is what really makes it stand out.

When combined with the XPPen Smart Keyboard, it becomes an even stronger tool for productivity. With its full-sized keys and responsive feedback, this additional attachment—made especially for the Magic Drawing Pad—offers a typing experience akin to that of a PC.

The Magic Drawing Pad and its matching keyboard and pen work hand in hand to create the most flexible Android tablet with keyboard that is perfect for users who prioritize efficiency. Whether you're writing, drawing, or multitasking, this tablet has the performance and adaptability to satisfy your demands.

iPad Pro

When it comes to performance and versatility, the iPad Pro is among the greatest tablets available right now. This tablet with keyboard, which comes in 11 and 13-inch versions, has the powerful Apple M4 CPU, which offers outstanding processing capability for both creative and business work.

Vibrant colors and excellent contrast ratios can also be enjoyed on the Ultra Retina XDR display, which has ProMotion technology and adjustable refresh rates up to 120Hz. With up to 16GB of RAM and storage that ranges from 256GB to 2TB, the iPad Pro can meet a lot of user needs.

This tablet can improve drawing and note-taking with the help of the Apple Pencil and when combined with the Magic Keyboard, it becomes an even more powerful productivity tool that can also provide a comfortable typing experience.

It runs on iPadOS 17 designed to power its special features efficiently. With an 11-inch Wi-Fi model weighing only 444g, its lightweight design guarantees portability without sacrificing performance.

With its power and accessories, the iPad Pro is truly one of the best tablets with a keyboard and pen on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is a premium tablet with keyboard that offers an exceptional blend of performance and functionality. Its dynamic AMOLED 2X display offers consistent brightness across its large screen. It is also available in two hues that are inspired by nature–professional Graphite and gentle Beige.

The first Galaxy S tablet to withstand water and dust–the S9 Ultra is IP68 certified and has a strong Armor Aluminum frame that protects it from falls and shocks. The S Pen that comes with it has a sensitive tip and a useful magnetic connector that enables two-way charging. Perfect for taking down notes on the go.

With its powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor, this tablet offers cutting-edge performance for demanding tasks and gaming. Even in bright outdoor circumstances, great visibility is guaranteed by its Vision Booster technology.

When the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is combined further with the Smart Keyboard Trio 500, it becomes a productivity weapon that can cater to all of your demands..

Lenovo Tab P12 (12.7")

The Lenovo Tab P12 is a multipurpose tablet with keyboard. With a big 12.7" 3K LTPS display and anti-fingerprint coating screen, this tablet is perfect for work or pleasure. With its MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor and 8GB of RAM, it can handle a variety of demanding tasks with ease.

It also has four JBL speakers that are optimized for Dolby Atmos to provide immersive sound. Its 10200mAh prolonged usage life also makes it perfect for long hours at work or extended viewing periods.

The Lenovo Tab Pen Plus that comes with this tablet is what makes it unique. It has tilt recognition and 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels for accurate note-taking and sketching. When combined further with the Lenovo Keyboard Pack, which has a roomy trackpad–this efficient 2-in-1 gadget can boost work.

This Android 13 tablet with keyboard and pen is a great option for people looking for a multipurpose gadget for business, creativity, and leisure because it can meet both personal and professional needs.

Amazon Fire Max 11

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is another great tablet with keyboard that offers an impressive blend of performance with affordability. With its octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, this tablet has a vibrant 11" screen with 2000 x 1200 resolution, that offers great graphics for streaming shows and doing work.

It also has a sleek aluminum body and reinforced glass that makes it both visually appealing and durable. Its impressive 14-hour battery life also makes it perfect for all-day use.

What sets this tablet with keyboard apart is its flexibility. When used with the Fire Max 11 Keyboard Case, it becomes an efficient workstation. With fifteen shortcut keys, a roomy layout, and an integrated trackpad for improved navigation, this keyboard case has it all.

This tablet is even better with the Amazon Stylus Pen which features 4096 pressure sensitivity levels, making it ideal for note-taking and creative tasks. Running on Amazon's Fire OS, this tablet with keyboard and pen has access to a wide range of apps and the Amazon ecosystem, which includes Alexa integration for smart home control.

This is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for an affordable and feature-rich tablet that can be used for use at work or home.

Complete Comparison of the best tablets with keyboards and pens

In this table, the top five tablets with keyboards and pens are compared side by side: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Lenovo Tab P12 (12.7"), Amazon Fire Max 11, XPPen Magic Drawing Pad, iPad Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Feature XPPen Magic Drawing Pad iPad Pro Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Lenovo Tab P12 (12.7") Amazon Fire Max 11
Screen Size 12.2” 11" or 13" 14.6" 12.7" 11"
Resolution 2540 LPI 2388x1668 (11") or 2732x2048 (13") 2960 x 1848 2944x1840 2000x1200
Processor Performance Octa-core MT8771 Apple M4 chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy MediaTek Dimensity 7050 Octa-core processor
Memory 8GB Up to 16GB Up to 16GB 8GB 4GB
Storage Options 256GB 256GB to 2TB 929.5 GB to 1TB 128GB 64GB or 128GB
Battery Life 13 hours 15 hours 9 hours 8 hours 14 hours
Keyboard Type POGO Pin Wireless
Pen Pressure Sensitivity 16,384 levels 4,096 levels 4,096 levels 4,096 levels 4,096 levels
Operating System Android iPadOS 17 Android Android 13 Fire OS
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 5.1
Wi-Fi 6
optional 5G
Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.3
Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6
Price $495.52 $1247.22 $888.38 $305.99 $191.39
User Experience Excellent for artists Versatile for professionals High-end Android experience Good for productivity Budget-friendly option

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is there Android tablet with good accessories like Keyboard and stylus?

Yes, the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is an excellent Android tablet with keyboard and stylus option. It comes with the X3 Pro stylus, which has 16K pressure levels. It also comes with the XPPen Smart Keyboard, which can provide a PC-like typing experience. This combination makes the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad the best choice for productivity-focused individuals.

Q2: Why do we use a tablet with keyboard?

A tablet with keyboard can offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced productivity: Compared to on-screen keyboards, it enables quicker and more comfortable typing.

  • Versatility: Users may quickly transition between laptop and tablet modes.

  • Improved functionality: It blends a tablet's portability with a laptop's usefulness**.**

  • Better ergonomics: Typing for extended periods of time is less taxing while using a physical keyboard.

  • Improved multitasking: It makes text entry and movement between apps easier.


Tablets with built-in keyboards and pens will become standard tools for professionals, artists, and students worldwide in the digital age we live in. These lightweight gadgets combine productivity and portability to bridge the gap between conventional tablets and laptops. For example, the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad with its X3 Pro Stylus and XPPen Smart Keyboard can support maximum creative output by increasing productivity and portability–allowing you to work anytime and anywhere you want.

Regardless of whether you want a tablet to power productivity or a tablet that is both versatile and functional–there is a tablet with keyboard and pen for each of your needs. As technology changes, these devices will undoubtedly be central to our digital lives, offering unprecedented flexibility and functionality for work, creativity, and play. So try out XPPen’s XPPen Magic Drawing Pad now to test the power of productivity with the help of combined tablet accessories.

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  • XPPen Smart Keyboard

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        Designed for Magic Drawing Pad to inspire your all-time productivity

  • Magic Drawing Pad

        It features:

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        • Super portable: 6.9mm slim, 599 g light

        • With advanced EMR technology, it delivers a paper-like drawing experience.

        Powered by Android 12, no need to connect to a computer to use.


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