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Are No-Computer Drawing Tablets Worth the Money?

XPPen 2024-03-18 16:15:40 4 min read

Once upon a time, one of the few available ways to express yourself as an artist was to reach for a pencil or a paintbrush and a pad of paper. Of course, that's all changed in this digital age we find ourselves in, and technological innovation in the creative sphere has led to the emergence of drawing tablets .

Digital devices like these give you the ability to create masterpieces in the palm of your hand with all the same nuances of light, shade, colour and form. Their popularity is increasing fast, too, with the global market expected to be worth $893m by 2027. So, if you're passionate about drawing or designing, you may have already considered buying one.

The question is - do you need a drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer, and are they worth the money? Well, that's the focus of this article as we look at the next-level products that offer a whole new level of artistic freedom.

Is there really a standalone drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer?

There is a misconception among consumers that drawing tablets they purchase will require a personal computer (PC) for all the functions to work. The reality is that there's a growing number of drawing tablets that don't need a computer  on the market and this kind of digital art tablet  comes with a range of advantages to the user.

Unlike graphic tablets, as you might know them - which require a computer to function - standalone drawing tablets  can operate independently. The leading pen tablet  devices available (Check out the top 10 options here) have their own operating system that gives artists what they need whenever and wherever the creative spark takes them.

The many other advantages they offer include:

  • Portability - As you'd expect, a standalone drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer is designed for mobility, allowing artists to take their digital canvas with them. Many artists go into nature or the hustle and bustle of a busy city to get inspiration, and a tablet like this lets you capture it on the go.

    Rather than having to hold onto that inspiration in your mind until you get home, technology like this gives you the power to make use of it in real-time, whether you're sitting in a cafe or strolling in the park.

  • All-in-One Convenience - Another significant benefit of owning drawing tablets is that you get the combined drawing functionality of a digital art device and the storage capabilities of a computer. You can draw and edit your work and store it on the same piece of tech without the need for extra hardware.

    This convenience is backed by ease of use, particularly when talking about cutting-edge tablets like the XPPen standalone drawing tablet. Offering a user-friendly interface, they don't need you to be tech-savvy to get the most from them - unlike graphics software for PCs that can involve a much steeper learning curve.

  • A Direct Drawing Experience - The drawing experience you get with standalone drawing tablets is also much more like the real thing. Traditional (computer-connected) tablets involve drawing on one surface and seeing your art take form on a separate screen, meaning a much less natural interaction.

    However, with a portable tablet, you're drawing with either your stylus or fingers directly onto the screen, giving you an improved feel for what you're working on. Also, thanks to the excellent battery life devices like the XPPEN provide, your creative process isn't held up by needing to recharge continuously.

So, are standalone drawing tablets worth it?  Well, when you look at XPPen Trustpilot reviews, you'll see that they're very well-received by those with a passion for art, but it's for you to decide. To help you make that decision, let's look at what's on offer from the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad - an awesome device XPPen released on Jan 22th.

standalone drawing tablet

Can I use an XPPen tablet without a computer?

Absolutely! The XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is a drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer , but there's much more to it than that. Allowing you to digitally draw, sketch and paint on the move, this tech is launching in early 2024, and it gives you a platform to create like a pro!

With a spacious screen measuring 12.2 inches while weighing just 599 grams, this super-slim device offers ultimate design mobility on your travels.

Precise, Realistic Pencil Control

What you'll notice instantly when using this portable drawing pad  is how close it is to controlling a real pencil and paper. Its X3 Pro Pencil and X-paper display ensure that every stroke precisely reflects what you envision on the page.

Featuring 16k pressure levels - the world's first at the level that delivers 200% higher precision than any other tablet pencil -  the X3 Pro delivers smoother lines than ever before, and with zero glare or blue light, nuance can be conveyed in an unprecedented way.

Smart Algorithem Aligns With Hand Muscle Memory

Other aspects that set this device apart from other drawing tablets are electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology, handwriting IC, a drawing-dedicated smart chip and an intelligent algorithm that perfectly aligns with your hand muscle memory.

Add precision induction sensors that ensure that every touch and glide you make with your X3 Pro Pencil is reflected on the screen, and there's no better device of its kind around.

AG Etched Technology Offers a Real 'Papery Feel'

You also get Ibis Paint X with the XPPEN Magic that you can use for free, giving you 15,000 different brush types, a precise ruler function, and more. You get the software tools you need to make your designs real and you can download other apps from Google Play.

The natural drawing experience provided by this drawing pad  is further enhanced by X-Paper's AG etched technology that mimics the friction you get when passing a pencil over premium paper. Throw in the fact that it also gives you access to more than 16 million colours, and it's easy to see how its unmatched vibrancy and realism are made possible.

More Than Just a Drawing Tablet

Of course, you're not always going to be working hard, creating realistic pictures and dazzling artwork, and the good news is that the XPPEN Magic is more than just a standalone drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer . Its power also allows it to double as an e-book reader, video player and games tablet.

With four speakers for incredible audio and a 512GB Micro SD card slot, you can watch TikTok videos and the latest movies to your heart's content. As such, there are many ways to enjoy this popular drawing pad !

Let Loose Your Creative Flair With an XPPen Magic Portable Drawing Pad

So, if you're looking for a lightweight drawing tablet with screen  that gives you a realistic experience and the freedom and versatility you need to let loose your creative flair, the XPPEN Magic is undoubtedly worth investing in. Delivering unmatched drawing performance, it's technology that takes your artistic endeavours to the next level.

Backed by an 8000mAh battery that will keep you going for up to 13 hours, you'll never be without the means to harness your inspiration, no matter where you are. As such, the drawing tablet that doesn't need a computer  is very much here to stay!

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        • Super portable: 6.9mm slim, 599 g light

        • With advanced EMR technology, it delivers a paper-like drawing experience.

        Powered by Android 12, no need to connect to a computer to use.


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