Use Ibis Paint X to Draw a woman face

Ibis Paint X Tutorial for Beginners: Use Ibis Paint X to Draw a Woman Face

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In digital art, Ibis Paint X is a powerful and versatile drawing app that has captured the hearts of artists from all levels, may it be beginners or professionals. Its amazing features and interactive interface always make sure that it is a favorite among creatives. This step by step guide demonstrates how to use ibis Paint X to draw a realistic woman's face and is a good starting place for intermediate to advanced artists.

Ibis Paint X

Before we learn how to use Ibis Paint X, we must know what it is. IbisPaint X is a digital painting and drawing application for phones and tablets. It was created by ibis inc. and is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. The app provides different features and applications for producing electronic artworks, illustrations, manga and comics. The Ibis Paint X download is free on their website too!

A highlight of Ibis Paint X is the ability to capture and share your drawing process as a video - so you can watch it later or use it to study. The application also features a group social networking feature where users can share drawings, process videos and interact with each other to build a community of artists.

To get the most out of Ibis Paint X, get the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad. This 2-in-1 tablet is a desktop embedded drawing tablet combined with the power of an Android device for an immersive creative experience that changes the definition of tablets for professionals and hobbyists alike.

The XPPen Magic drawing Pad features 16,384 pressure levels and an AG Etching Display that mimics the resistance and feel of paper for a natural drawing experience that seamlessly transitions from the digital world to the real world. Additionally, the battery-free EMR pen allows you to work without battery replacement or charging.

XPPen Magic drawing Pad

With the purchase of the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad, you also get a free license of Ibis Paint X for free so you could instantly explore your own art journey. Its Octa Core processor and 2160x1440 resolution display means you can draw quickly even when you’re dealing with detailed drawings or resource-intensive applications. So buy the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad to get your free license for Ibis Paint X.

How to Draw a Woman's Face with Ibis Paint X

With that out of the way, you can now learn how to use Ibis Paint X. Creating a portrait of a woman's face is an extremely rewarding and challenging artistic process and with Ibis Paint X you can literally bring your vision to life. Here we'll take you through the process of digital portraiture and how to tap into the full potential of Ibis Paint X's features.

Step 1: Start with the Skull Structure

The foundation of any great portrait lies in the accurate representation of the underlying skeletal structure. To get started, draw a basic skull using only simple geometric forms. This initial framework will form the basis of your artwork and help you achieve accurate proportions as you work your way to the rest of the body.

use ibis paint x to draw a woman face

Step 2: Shape the Face and Draw Lines in the Hair

With the skull structure in place, refine the overall face shape. Add trapezoidal lines to the skull to create a more realistic and feminine face shape. Next, look at the hair. Sketch the overall layout and decide on the cut and length you want as well as the waviness of the locks. This step will help establish the overall silhouette of your portrait.

use ibis paint x to draw a woman face

Step 3: Add Facial Features

Now comes the exciting part. You can bring your portrait to life by adding the facial features. Firstly, label the position of the eye, as these are the center of any face. As you're drawing a female figure, use big, expressive eyes to convey the female essence you want. Draw the eyebrows accordingly, using the three-court and five-eye rule to keep proportions in balance.

Next, position the nose in between the eyebrow arch and the chin, and the lips between the chin and the nose. These facial features will further define the character and expression of your subject. Lastly, trace the ears horizontally on either side of the nose to complete the five major features of the face.

use ibis paint x to draw a woman face

Step 4: Refine and Polish the Portrait

Lastly, when it comes to how to use Ibis Paint X to draw a woman’s face, with the basic structure and features in place, it's time to flesh out your portrait. Start by making your rough sketch transparent so the refined lines can take center stage.

Carefully refine the lines of each facial feature, paying close attention to detail. To give depth and expression to the eyes, thicken the eyelash lines and draw a line around the eye corners. For lips, use thicker lines on the sides and a lighter line in the center for a more natural and realistic appearance.

Imagine the hair as tree leaves or ribbons falling from the crown of the head to the sides and front (bangs) to give it volume and flow. Visualize the hair as expanding outward from the head, converging the tips towards a focal point to create a flowing, natural effect.

Throughout this process, utilize Ibis Paint X's extensive brush library and customization to get the textures and effects you want. Try out different brush types, pressure sensitivity, and blending modes to bring your creation to life.

use ibis paint x to draw a woman face

FAQs for Ibis Paint X

Q1: How can I download Ibis Paint X Free?

Ibis Paint X also comes in a free version that can be downloaded from the different app stores for various devices. But be warned, the free version does contain ads and they can distract you while you brainstorm. If you want to draw without Ads, you can always purchase the paid version or the Remove Ads Add-on to get rid of the pesky advertisements.

However, another way you could get it is by purchasing the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad. It’s one of the best deals out there as not only do you get access to an incredible device but get the full Ibis Paint X experience as well.

Q2: What is the best tablet to draw with Ibis Paint X?

If you want to properly practice how to use Ibis Paint X to draw a woman’s face, Ibis Paint X is available for a wide range of devices, but the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is widely considered to be a top choice for digital artists. This ground-breaking 2-in-1 tablet combines the power of a traditional drawing tablet with the mobility of an Android device to deliver an immersive creative experience optimized for Ibis Paint X and other drawing applications.

The XPPen Magic drawing Pad features an AG Etching Display that mimics the resistance and feel of paper and its 16,384 pressure levels and battery-free EMR pen allow you to enjoy precise pressure sensitivity and uninterrupted creativity anytime, anywhere.

With a powerful Octa Core processor and 2160x1440 resolution display, drawing on the tablet is a smooth experience where every line flows like how it’s meant to. By purchasing the XPPen Magic drawing Pad, you even get a free license of Ibis Paint X, a special Drawing solution to help you draw better.

Q3: Why does Ibis Paint X ask for your age?

When you first start Ibis Paint X, you may be asked for your age. This request is common for many apps and is meant to account for any local rules and show the right content for the user's age.

Ibis Paint X lets you personalize the content and features of the app based on your age, allowing it to be a safe and accessible environment for all users. Ibis Paint X may disable or limit some features or content for younger users to meet age-appropriate guidelines. This practice maintains a family-friendly environment and safeguards younger users from potentially inappropriate or mature content.

In case you're an adult user, simply enter your age correctly and you will have the full app features and content.


Ibis Paint X is a powerful drawing app for artists of all levels to express themselves digitally. Follow the Ibis Paint X tutorial for beginners in this article to draw a stunning portrait of a woman using the app's features and tools.

To make things even better, get the XPPen Magic drawing Pad, which integrates with Ibis Paint X and mimics the experience of traditional drawing. Featuring high specifications and cutting-edge technology, the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad is an ideal companion for your digital art project.

Whether you're an established artist or just starting out, Ibis Paint X and the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad are a great duo that will inspire you to expand your creative possibilities and realize your artistic visions so you can bring your Ibis Paint X drawings to life.

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