Topic: I thought I couldn't...

There is always something that we thought we wouldn't be able to do at the beginning. For example, create an excellent artwork, dance a beautiful ballet, travel alone, cook a big meal, or finish a complicated project...
However, once we choose to give it a try, we often find that we can do it and even do it great.

I thought I couldn't, but now I can.

Come and share your own story. No matter big or small, it may inspire someone somewhere around the world.

2 ways to tell your story:

● Video of storytelling
● Video/picture/photo/animation of you doing the thing that you thought you couldn't do, but now you can. Duration(if the submission is video or animation): 5-100 secs

* You can tell your story in any language.

2 ways to submit your story to us:

● Post your story on your own social media, and @ XP-PEN official account( Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok ) with the hashtag #Ithoughtcouldnt
● Send your story with your name to

Story from Our Friends

Howard Wimshurst

Howard Wimshurst specializes in 2D animation. He works with a wide variety of partners from around the world,among which are the BBC, DJI, Vetpaw, Sam Kolder and Cancer Research UK. He has guest-lectured at universities and is the founder of

"I thought I couldn’t finish the film within the deadline, but I changed my strategy and finally, I met that deadline and even made the film better."


My name is Patryk Bernat and I am the creator of a creative channel focusing on "popo" animation. I have been doing traditional 2d animation for a few years now. I am self-taught, it is my passion that inspires me to devote a lot of time. I love what I do, and just a few years ago I didn't know I would be able to learn it.

"I thought I couldn't do animation, but I decided to stop thinking and start to learn animation. In 2019, I created my own cartoon-popo. All it took was a little determination and willingness to take action."

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