XP-Pen Drawing Tablet Black Friday Special Offers on Official Store 2020

Apr 15,2021 PM 17:11



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Black Friday 2020 isn't here just yet, but you can find cheap deals out there on creative tech to enjoy if you look hard enough.

Black Friday  allow you to Get your own XP-Pen tablet in the fantastic discount. Considering these deals don't come along often, a XP-Pen tablet Black Friday discount is a valuable opportunity for budget-conscious buyers to click 'add to basket'. 

XP-Pen graphics tablets and drawing monitors are extremely popular nowadays. The new XP-Pen Deco Pro Series and Artist Pro Series includes brand-new pen technologies. It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt response will be able to assist you in drawing and graphic layout.

XP-Pen Artist Series are good  drawing tablet with screen for artists, illustrators, graphic designers, photo retouchers, etc. The benefit of the $179+ LCD panel model ( artist 12HD ) is that it allows you to work directly on the photo or drawing show on the LCD display .

This also allows you to draw on-screen without having to purchase a Microsoft Surface or iPad with pen and without giving up your fast laptop/desktop computers that run the latest Nvidia RTX GPUs.

XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro Holiday Edition is at the lowest price of history , you can have a look . let it become the most affordable product .

You can Save up to 40% off deals on Groupon Goods For a limited time from November 15th~ December 01th 2020  . 

Take a look at some of XP-PEN USA  Store deals below:

Innovator Display 16 Anniversary Edition.jpg

The XP-Pen Artist series provides excellent pressure sensitivity and high color accuracy for pc / mac graphics applications. graphics tablet with a built-in display. It allows drawing/writing directly on the screen . digital pen  provides you with a smooth and responsive writing or drawing experience. 

Colorable Mascot (was $59.99, 40% off)

Artist 13.3 Pro Holiday Edition (was $349.99, 20% off)

Innovator 16 Anniversary Edition (was $549.99, 27% off)

Artist 12 Pro (was $249.99, 25% off)

Artist 15.6 Pro (was $399.99, 25% off)

Artist 24 Pro (was $899.99, 25% off)

Artist 22R Pro (was $699.99, 20% off)

Artist 12 (was $199.99, 10% off)

Artist 22E Pro (was $499.99, 20% off)

Artist 22 Pro (was $449.99, 20% off)

Artist 15.6 (was $349.99, 20% off)

XP-Pen Deco Pro tablet black friday.jpg

XP-PEN's Deco series is the graphics tablet that works with various software applications to digitally interpret the process of digital drawing or painting.  

you can Use your fingers to navigate, scroll, zoom your artwork with roller wheel .  customizable ExpressKeys that put your favorite shortcuts like undo or copy/paste at your fingertips.

Deco Mini 4 Anniversary Edition(was $49.99, 20% off)

Deco Mini 7 was $49.99, 20% off)

Deco Mini 4(was $39.99, 20% off)

Deco 01 V2(was $69.99, 20% off)

Deco Pro M(was $129.99, 20% off)

Deco Pro S(was $99.99, 20% off)

Deco 02(was $79.99, 20% off)

Deco 03(was $109.99, 30% off)

Deco 01(was $59.99, 20% off)

XP-Pen Star G960S & Star G960S Plus black friday.jpg

XP-Pen Star series graphics tablet has been designed for those who are getting started drawing, painting or photo editing on their Mac or PC. Replaces your mouse and turns your computer into a digital drawing canvas .

Battery-free, pressure sensitive pen and digital eraser helps you to draw thicker and thinner lines depending on how hard you push on the digital pen stylus.

Star Star G960S (was $69.99, 20% off)

Star G960S Plus(was $79.99, 20% off)

Star 06(was $85.99, 20% off)

Star 05 (was $69.99, 15% off)

Star 03(was $59.99, 20% off)

Star G640S (was $49.99, 10% off)

Star G640 (was $39.99, 10% off)

Star G430S(was $29.99, 10% off)

more details you can visit USA official store Black friday activity page :  https://www.storexppen.com/topic/35.html

people from other regions can also get amazing blackday deals  , but the date and deals may have some little difference .

Australia Store  :  https://www.storexp-pen.com.au

Canada Store : https://www.storexppen.ca

United Kingdom Store   :  https://www.storexppen.co.uk

France Store  https://www.storexppen.fr

Germany Store  https://www.storexppen.de

Spain Store  : https://www.storexppen.es

Italy Store  : https://www.storexppen.it

Portugal  Store:  https://www.storexppen.pt

Japan Store  https://www.storexppen.jp

South Korea: https://www.storexppen.kr

Philippines: https://www.storexppen.ph

Mexico : https://www.storexppen.mx

Brasil :  https://www.storexppen.com.br

Middle East & Africa : https://www.storexppen.net

Southeast Asia ( include Singapore , Hong Kong.... ) : https://www.storexppen.sg

Northern & Eastern Europe (include Sweden , Denmark...): https://www.storexppen.eu

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