Announcement of Art Star Project Review Results

Dear Art Star Contributors,

We hope this message finds you well! Sincerely thank you all for your continued attention and support to the Art Star project!

The Art Star project is a global CG innovation and development cultivation project. This project is jointly initiated by the brand of XPPen and The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts, International Computer Graphics and Image Professional Society, Adobe Authorized Training Centre China Region, and other institutions. The Art Star project aims to discover and encourage outstanding CG art talents to help them achieve the dream of CG art, and promote the healthy and vigorous development of the global CG ecosystem.

Since the project was launched, it has attracted applications and registrations from many CG hobbyists, CG uploaders, and CG start-up studios worldwide. After the professional judging committee has conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the application materials, the project review work has been completed, and the list of the supported applicants of the current Art Star project review is now announced as follows:

1Nastia StrazhnikRussia
2Damsel Studiothe Philippines
3Rayana DoranCanada
4Aygun BayramliLatvia
5Constanza OlmedoChile
6Diego CruzBrazil
7Angela Matinongthe Philippines
8Swan DraiFrance
9Nox ShiroBelgium
10Sanjana ChavanIndia
11Adrienne Louis Floresthe Philippines
12Lucas Rafael SimoneBrazil
13Tylerthe United States
14Roguebyte StudiosAustria
15Dani Martithe United States
16Kay John YimBritain
17Sonja MüllerGermany
18SHAWN DBLANCHthe United States
19Favour OjovwoNigeria
20Liying WangChina
21Yuexi XingChina
22Xinying FanChina
23Jia WangChina
24Ice and Ink WhiteChina
25Ou OpakChina
26Wenbing LiChina
27Yuxuan TanChina
28Chang-Hsin, LinChina
29Yuan SongChina
30Jiali FanChina
31Peng FanChina
32Haifei ZhangChina
33Ruonan DengChina
34Xiaowei ZhouChina
35Jiacheng YiChina
36Wenfeng LiuChina
37Shijing LiuChina
38Xue ZhangChina
39Xiaozhuo PanChina
40Aijie XuChina

Congratulations to the above applicants. At present, the staff of the project team has gotten an initial connection with the supported users. And we will release the resources one after another after 15 working days. Applicants who are eligible for the support of the Art Star project will have the opportunity to receive the following support (the specific resources depend on the applicant's situation and the evaluation of the Art Star project team, and the details are subject to the agreement):

1. Funding Support: According to the actual situation of the applicant and the evaluation results of the Art Star project team, specific funding support will be given.

2. Device Support: A pen display or pen tablet of XPPen will be provided.

3. Skill Training Support: Corresponding course training resources are provided by the Art Star project.

4. Marketing Support: Marketing support is provided by the Art Star project team and partners-related official media, social media, and other platforms.

5. Software Support: Applicants are eligible to use udongman PAINT Personal Edition or Moho Pro 13.5 official version.

The Art Star project team hopes to work with all partners to contribute to the development of the global CG industry through this project. Later, the Art Star project will continue to display the relevant works and dream stories of the art stars who have obtained the support qualifications on the official platform and the relevant platforms of the partners. We will continue to launch the Art Star series of activities and update the progress of the support. Please stay tuned! Thank you again for your continued interest and support!


1. The work of the applicant who has obtained the project support qualification must be original first-release work, and no plagiarism or misappropriation of other people's work is allowed. Anyone who violates these will be disqualified from being supported.

2. The actual support resources provided will be different according to the situation and application content of the supported one, the evaluation results of the project team, and other factors.

3. In any case, the Art Star project team is not responsible for being unable to support or the delay of support due to the following factors: normal information network maintenance of the project website, information network connection failure, failures of computer, communication, or other systems, hackers, computer viruses, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprisings, disturbances, insufficient productivity or production materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, government actions, orders from judicial administrative agencies, third-party reasons, or other actions that cannot be predicted or controlled by the project team.

4. The final interpretation right of this project belongs to the Art Star project team.

5. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via

Art Star Project Team