12 best gifts for digital artists

12 Best Gifts for Digital Artists: Creative Ideas in 2024

XPPen 2024-03-21 10:53:30 6 min read

Looking to surprise your artsy friends and loved ones? We've got you covered!

From versatile drawing tablets to sleek graphic pens, the best gifts for digital artists are perfect for sparking their creative genius. Whether they are into digital drawing or graphic design, you can never go wrong with these awesome picks!

Checkout this curated list of 12 best gifts for digital artists in 2023:

1. Drawing Software

Many digital artists use drawing software application to do their day-to-day activities as a creative. It might be best to gift them with a subscription or buy their preferred program since most great drawing programs are paid. Some of the most popular drawing software include Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint, among others.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a popular and extensively used drawing program among digital artists that comes with an extensive set of tools and functions for producing and modifying digital artwork. It is well-known for its adaptability and ability to work with complex designs.

  • Clip Studio Paint: Clip Studio Paint is another excellent choice for digital artists interested in creating comics or manga. It's a less expensive alternative to Photoshop that offers all of the capabilities you need to produce stunning artwork.

  • Procreate: Procreate is a digital painting program created exclusively for iPads. It's an excellent gift for someone who enjoys drawing or painting digitally. It has a large selection of brushes, configurable settings, and a simple interface that allows artists to quickly produce outstanding digital art.

  • Krita: Krita is a popular free and open-source drawing software among digital artists that includes brushes, layers, and masks are among the tools and features available for making digital art.

  • Affinity Designer: Affinity Designer is a vector-based drawing program popular among graphic designer Affinity Designers and illustrators. It has a variety of vector tools that enable artists to create precise and scalable artwork.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook: Autodesk Sketchbook is an easy-to-use sketching program that includes a variety of brushes and tools for digital artists. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it simple to produce sketches, illustrations, and concept art.

2. Digital Drawing Tablets

A drawing tablet is an essential tool for digital artists and choosing the best drawing tablet for digital artists as a gift is a great idea. It enables people to digitally draw and produce art, making it a crucial tool for any digital artist.

The best drawing tablet for digital artists is a gadget that allows them to use a pen to draw or paint on their computer, allowing artists to sketch detailed details.

Choosing the right brand is important too. Go for well-known brands like XPPen that have established their place as the industry's leaders in digital drawing tablets for guaranteed quality and superb performance.

Check out these excellent XPPen drawing tablets for artists in 2023:

XPPen Artist 15.6 Pro: The XPPen Artist 15.6 Pro is a 15.6-Inch creative graphic display with 1920x1080 FHD resolution.

XPPen Artist 15.6 Pro

The stylus is battery-free and boasts 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, as well as 60 degrees of tilt functionality. It is easy to maneuver, and you can change the angle at which you work.

The Artist 15.6 Pro is unquestionably an excellent product and value for money for all the 3D artists and designers out there.

Deco MW: This drawing display is inexpensive, yet it has tremendous features. Deco MW has an elegant yet simple design that comes in four popular colors: black, blue, green, and pink. The lightweight design of the tablet makes it easy to use on your lap or at your desk. With its eight shortcut keys, you may configure everything based on your routines and interests.

XPPen Deco MW

Deco Pro (Gen2): With its contemporary streamlined style of a charcoal gray work surface and a high-class metal rear panel, Deco Pro (Gen2) can complement your magnificent artwork. Because of its lightweight and portable design, you are able to easily carry this drawing tablet. It works with popular digital art programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CDR, GIMP, SAI, Krita, MediBang, Toonboom, FireAlpaca, Maya, and Blender 3D, among others.

XPPen Deco Pro (Gen2)

3. High-Quality Stylus

A good stylus is a wonderful present for digital artists since it allows them to sketch and create art with precision and accuracy.

It is easy to use, similar to the traditional pens and pencils used daily.

Gifting a best digital pen for your artist friends can help them improve their art and how they create things. A stylus is the best accessory that should be paired with drawing tablets. When choosing the best stylus to give, consider its compatibility, pressure sensitivity, tip material, responsiveness, as well as brand reputation.

Choose from a reliable brand like an XPPen stylus! Here are some of our recommended styluses for digital artists!

  • X3 Elite Plus: Performance on the X3 Elite Plus is reliable and durable since it has been improved to withstand electromagnetic interference. The X3 Smart Chip design allows for significant internal configuration optimization by removing the consumable spring response component. It can be the best digital pen for artists.

    x3 elite plus stylus
  • X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus: The world's first applied 16K pressure levels power the X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus. With an initial response rate of 90ms* and super accuracy, it helps bring out every art creation accurately. This stylus should be taken into consideration when choosing the best digital pen for artists.

    x3 pro smart chip stylus
  • PA2 Battery-free Stylus: The PA2 stylus does not require batteries and can be used for extended periods of time. It enables up to 60 degrees of tilt function and eliminates the need to repeatedly modify the brush direction in the software.

    pa2 stylus
  • PH2 Battery-Free Stylus: With its 60-degree tilt function, the PH2 Battery-Free Stylus provides a familiar writing and drawing experience. With 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels, the stylus naturally displays lines of varying widths.

    ph2 stylus

4. Monitors for Artists

Having a monitor with the best color accuracy and resolution is a great addition to a digital artist's arsenal. It's perfect for a gift! Choose the best monitor with a wide viewing angle, color accurate, and quality image. Apple Studio Display, LG Ultrafine 5K Display, and Apple iMac with 5K Display are great choices on the market.

5. Two-Finger Glove

What is an appropriate present for a digital artist? A two-finger glove is also a great gift for artists who work on digital projects. The digital artist glove allows the artist to move their hand across the screen without the edge of their hand or their ring and pinky fingers interfering with their work.

There are some XPPen two-finger gloves for your reference.

  • Artist Anti-fouling Glove SE: It is one of the best accessories for digital artists. It reduces friction between your hand and the tablet's surfaces. It also keeps your resting fingers from interfering with touch-sensitive tablets.

    artist anti fouling glove se
  • AC Series 01 Glove: It is comfortable and elegant. You can buy digital artist gloves as gifts for digital artists. It works on both the right and left hand.

    ac series 01 glove
  • AC Series 08 Glove: This digital artist glove is an ideal companion for XPPen drawing tablets and stylus pens. It is constructed of high-quality lycra. Do not delay in purchasing this high-quality digital artist glove for digital artists.

    ac series 08 glove

6. Art Books or Art Magazines

A book or lesson focusing on digital art techniques and advice can be an invaluable resource for digital artists wishing to advance their careers.

Consider gifting a subscription to an art magazine as a present since digital artists could find inspiration in more conventional creative genres. Look for periodicals that cover subjects like graphic design, digital art, and illustration.

7. Online Art Course

Many digital artists are always striving to improve their abilities and acquire new techniques. Giving them a membership to an art learning platform or an online art course might help them in improving their craft.

8. External Hard Drive

Digital artists frequently have huge files that require a lot of storage space. An external hard drive helps them to securely store and back up their work, ensuring that no vital files are lost. Choose an external hard drive with faster writing speeds for easier file transferring.

9. Desk Lamp

A good desk lamp is crucial for any digital artist who works at their computer for a long period of time. To reduce eye strain, choose a lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature. High-quality desk lamps can be good gifts for digital artists.

10. Artist's Desk

An art desk is a terrific art gift option if the person you're shopping for doesn't have a studio or enough space to work on his or her craft. Any artist needs a dedicated workspace, so think about giving an artist's desk as a present. Choose one with a sizable work area and a lot of storage space.

11. Monitor Calibrator

A monitor calibrator guarantees that the artist's display's colors and brightness are accurate, which is critical for digital artwork. It enables them to achieve consistent and lifelike colors in their work.

12. 3D Printer

A 3D printer is a present for artists, particularly those who operate in the digital space. 3D printers come in a range of shapes and sizes, and you can even buy a 3D printer pen if you're looking for a gift for a young artist or someone who is new to 3D printing.


We hope you've found the perfect gifts for digital artists that reflect their unique individuality. These handpicked gifts mentioned above are bound to delight any digital artist, making their artistic journey even more rewarding.

Which gift are you planning to give? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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