Artist 24 Pro
Manual and Quickguide download

Artist 22R Pro and 24 Pro User Manual(English)

Jun 01,2020 AM 09:58


Artist 22R Pro and 24 Pro User Manual(Polish)

Jun 01,2020 AM 10:01


Artist 24 Pro User Manual(Czech)

Jul 15,2020 PM 12:29

Mac 10.10~10.15

XP-PENMac_3.0.2_200915(New UI Beta Driver)

Warm Reminder: Mac Mojave 10.14 or Above needs to add the "PenTabletSetting" and "PenTabletDriverUX" into the accessibility list first after installed XP-PEN Driver. Details steps please see the FAQ section.

Sep 18,2020 PM 17:41

XP-PENMac_2.1.7.200829(Official Driver)

Sep 17,2020 PM 16:47

Windows 7/8/10

XP-PENWin_3.0.2.200916(New UI Beta Driver)

Sep 18,2020 PM 18:34

XP-PenWin_1.6.4.200810(Official Driver)

Solved express keys settings issue.

Aug 11,2020 AM 09:47

Ubuntu、Centos、Arch、Mint、Red Hat、Debian、manjaro、elementary for 64 bits beta driver


Aug 04,2020 AM 10:15

Updating Firmware

Artist 24 Pro firmware(20200603)

Fixed Bug: Cursor jumping to the left side of the screen after moving it pass the monitor on the right side on Mac.

Jun 03,2020 PM 12:05