How to installed XP-Pen driver in Catalina (10.15)?

1. Go to the Application Folder and make sure uninstall all of PenTablet drivers in the PenTablet Folder. 


2. Go to “System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy” 

3. On the Privacy tab, please delete all of tablet files on “Accessibility” & “Input Monitoring”. 

4. Reboot your Mac. 

5. When the computer Restarts, please go to the XP-Pen official website then download and install the newest Mac driver. 

6. Go to “System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy”.

7. Once the Install is complete please go to “Finder” (The word in the top left corner of your screen) – “Preferences” – “Sidebar”.

8. On the “Sidebar” tab, please make sure the box next to your computers name is checked like in the image below. 


9. Go to “System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Privacy Accessibility”. Unlock “Click the lock to make changes.”


10. On the Accessibility tab, please enable “PenTabletSetting”. 

11. Click “+” button then go to “Macintosh HDLibrary Application SupportPen Tablet” folder then choice “PenTabletDriverUX” and click OK button. 


12. Go to Input Monitor tab and please also enable “PenTabletSetting”.

13. Click “+” button then go to “Macintosh HDLibrary Application SupportPen Tabletfolder then choicePenTabletDriverUXand click OK button. (If you get error message, please click “Quit Now” button.)


14. Reboot Mac and when the computer restarts, please open the PenTablet setting then check for pen pressure on the tablet?