How to solve the Wintab Error message when you want to install Artist 10 driver?

If you experience a Wintab error message during installation of the Artist 10 driver:

If operating on a Windows OS, if you double click “Driver Setup” and get the following error message, try these steps:

1.      If you have previously installed any other other graphic tablet/monitor driver software, please remove/uninstall all of them (including all XP-Pen drivers) from your computer and reboot.

2.      Close all programs and applications (including photoshop, illustrator, etc..) that are currently open, then go to the "Task Manager".

3.      Locate the "Tablet Client Driver (32bit)" and "Wintab Service (32bit)" files then click "End task” to remove them. 

4.      Open the File Explorer then under the C:WindowsSystem32 and C:WindowsSysWOW64 folders you will find a Wintab32.dll file- Delete the Wintab32.dll files located in both folders

5.      Connect the appropriate HDMI and USB cables from the Artist 10 tablet to your computer.

6.      Install the driver, when completed reboot your computer. 

7.      After rebooting your computer right-click on your display and select the “Display settings" options (you can open the Display Settings under your control panel settings options) then select either "mirror mode" or "extend mode".

8.      If you want to use your Artist 10 tablet on mirror mode, both the tablet and your computer must be set to the same Screen Resolution (1280x800 Max) then click OK.

9.      When you set your Artist 10 to extend mode. You will see a small ‘tablet/pen” icon in your task bar.  Click the icon to open the Artist 10 driver settings then go to the "Monitor Settings", select ‘monitor 2’ then click OK.

10.       Test your Stylus with the Tablet, and calibrate accordingly.  If you experience any further problems or issues with the Artist 10 tablet please contact our customer support team and/or the retailer you purchased the product from.

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