After reboot, the Artist 16 can't use the pen pressure and also can't see the tablet icon on the task bar.

Applicable Model:Artist 16

1. Disable Antivirus first.

2. Install driver again until complete and make sure you can see the tablet icon on the task bar.

3. Open the “File Explorer”.

4. Click the “view” and enable “Hidden items”.

5. Type “WTClient.exe” in the search bar then click “Entry” button to search.


6. You may find a lot of WTClient.exe files, please copy a WTClient.exe file into c:Users(Login User Name)AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup folder.

7. Reboot your computer and when system goes to the desktop, please check if can you see the tablet icon on the task bar


8. If yes, open it then test if you can use the pen pressure


9. If yes, enable your Antivirus and reboot again then test it again.

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