Artist 12 Drivers not working

Applicable Model:Artist 12

Issue: You are unable to get the Artist 12 drivers to work on your Mac (OS 10.14), and receive the error message "Hello, please connect the device first." when launching "Pentablet"

You have downloaded all the Mac drivers and followed the instructions multiple times, but the drivers still do not work. You know that the tablet works fine, but you cannot get the drivers to make the pen work.

Solution: Please check whether the tablet is connected correctly to your computer using 3 in 1 cable.

1. Black USB goes to the computer's USB port.

2. HDMI cable goes to the computer's HDMI port.

3. Red USB goes to the computer's USB port or power adapter to the wall outlet.

4. Extension Cord can ONLY be connected to RED USB.

5. The USB-C end goes to the 3-in-1 USB-C port on the tablet.

If you are experience similar issue on Windows or MacOS,please try plugging the BLACK USB cable of the tablet into another USB port, or find a new adapter to test if you are using an adapter to connect the USB cable and if that doesn't work, try testing the tablet on another computer to see if the problem persists.

Additionally, if you are using an old version product, please make sure that you have installed the correct driver, which can be found at Download latest Drawing Tablets Drivers And User Manual | XPPen. If you encounter any other issues, please feel free to contact our tech support at

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