Artist 15.6 Pro & Photoshop Issue on MacBook Pro

Applicable Model:Artist 15.6,Artist 15.6 Pro

Issue: You may encounter an issue while using the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro with Photoshop on a MacBook Pro computer.

After a few minutes of using the program, the tools may stop functioning correctly. For instance, the brush tool may start working as if it were the eraser tool, and clicking on other tools from the toolbar will only result in them working as the eraser tool. This issue can only be resolved by turning off both the XP-Pen tablet and the computer, and restarting them. However, the issue will persist after a few minutes of working on Photoshop.

Official solution: The default setting for the top pen button on the pen is Pen/Eraser, if you press the top pen button accidentally it will switch to Eraser. In Eraser mode, if you click another function, then the pen will always work as an Eraser. The solution is you click the Pen/Eraser button again to switch to the Pen function then change the function of the pen nib.

If the issue persists, please record a video of the issue and send it to

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