Artist can’t use the pen pressure

Applicable Model:Artist 10S,Artist 22,Artist 22E,Artist 16,Artist 13.3,Artist 15.6,Artist 16 Pro,Artist 22 Pro,Artist 22E Pro,Artist 12,Artist 15.6 Pro

1.      Make sure the display icon be shown in the task bar? If not, it means you haven’t installed the driver, please install the driver and then reboot the computer system to test again.

2.      If you can see the display icon in the task bar, please run it and go to the “Pressure” window to test the pen pressure. If the test is right, it means you had installed the driver correctly.

3.      Make sure the application you are using supports pen pressure? Because not all of the applications support pen pressure function.

4.      Has your computer ever be installed with other tablet driver before? If yes, please remove both old and new Artist driver and reboot the system. When the system returns to the desktop, please install the Artist driver and reboot the system again.

5.      After rebooting, please go the pen tablet setting to test the pen pressure, if the pen pressure is right, open the drawing application, and test if the pen pressure can be normally used or not.

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