Drawing tablet won't turn on anymore?

Applicable Model:Artist 15.6 Pro

Issue:  What should l do if my XP-Pen Artist drawing display suddenly won't turn on anymore?

You were drawing on your tablet when it suddenly shut off. You tried unplugging and replugging everything, but nothing happened except for a quick flash of XP-Pen on the tablet screen. You thought it might be the wires, so you got new ones, but that didn't help either - it still only showed a quick flash of XP-Pen on the screen. It may be related to the new Catalina update for MacOS not having drivers available yet, but you think it's strange that it stopped halfway through a drawing if it was a driver issue.

Solution: Please try using the red USB cable to connect the power adapter and then plug it into a wall charger to get stable and enough power.

If you continue to experience problems, please feel free to contact our tech support team at service@xp-pen.com. In the Email, please provide us the computer info (Desktop computer model or laptop model, do you use an adapter for HDMI cable, have you tested the tablet on another computer). Please also send us a video (After you connect the tablet with your computer correctly, try to power on the tablet) to show this issue. We will be happy to provide you with further assistance. Thank you.

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