Express key not working as intended

Applicable Model:Artist 15.6 Pro

Issue: Are you experiencing an issue with the express keys on your Artist 15.6 Pro display tablet while running on Windows 10 with the latest XP-Pen Win driver (as of May 17, 2019)? Specifically, when setting an express key with the shortcut "Shift + Win + Left" or "Shift + Win + Right," the action does not function as intended, instead resulting in the window moving to the left or right of the screen.

Solution: This may be a bug but we have fixed it. Now you can set Win+Shift+Left or Win+Shift+ Right to keys. It will work as intended.

The method to input Win+Shift+Left is click "Windows+" on the right top corner of the input blank area, then input Shift+ Left from the keyboard.

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