How do I adjust my Artist 16 display to better match the colors on my main display?

Applicable Model:Artist 16

On a Mac computer:

1. By default, the Artist 16 uses the “Digital” display profile.

1. Open “System Preferences” >> “Display,” then check the “Color” tabs for both your Mac monitor and the Artist 16.


2. Set both displays to use the same display profile. You may choose “Apple RGB,” “Adobe RGB (1998),” or “Color LCD.”

On a Windows computer:

1.(With an AMD video card) Open “Start” >> “AMD Catalyst Control Center” >> “AMD Catalyst Control Center.”

2.Click “More…” under “Desktops and Displays.”

3.Click “Desktop Color.”

4.Select “Desktop 2.”

5.For example, my laptop monitor’s colors are more blue than the Artist 16’s. To solve this, I enable Set color correction for: BLUE,” then change my tablet’s “Gamma,” “Brightness,” and “Contrast” values to the same numbers my main monitor uses.



1.Open “Start” >> “Desktop and Displays” >> “My Digital Flat-Panels” >> “Display Color (Digital Flat-Panel).”

2.Adjust the Artist 16’s “Brightness” and “Temperature” until its colors match your main display.

After adjustment:

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