How to install XPPen New UI driver on Catalina (10.15)

Applicable Model:Star 05,Star 06,Star G640,Star G430S,Star G640S,Artist 15.6,Artist 22 Pro,Artist 22E Pro,Artist 12,Artist 15.6 Pro,Deco 01,Deco 02,Deco Pro S/M,Deco 01 V2,Artist 12 Pro,Star G960,Artist 22R Pro,Star G960S,Star G960S Plus,Artist 24 Pro,Innovator 16,Deco mini7,Deco mini4,Deco S,Deco mini7W,Artist 22 (2nd Generation),Deco Fun,Deco Pro SW/MW,Artist Pro 16TP,Artist 24,Artist Pro 16, Artist 12 (2nd Generation),Deco LW,Deco L

• Go to the Application Folder and make sure to uninstall or delete any previous tablet drivers and then restart your computer.

• After restarting please go to the XP-PEN official website, then download and install the new UI Mac driver.

When the window below pops, drag the “XP-PenPenTablet” folder to the Applications folder.


• The driver installation is complete. Please connect the tablet to your computer. Next, go to “Applications" -> "XP-PEN PenTablet” folder and run

(You also can open from the LaunchPad)


• When the driver interface is opened, the system will pop up a window asking to add permissions, please click "Open System Preferences" on this window.


• Now, go to “System Preferences" -> "Security & Privacy”.

• On the Privacy Tab, click on the "Lock" icon, and type in your password if needed.


• On the "Input monitoring" tab, please enable "".


• On the "Input monitoring" tab”, Click the“+”button then go to the "Applications" folder. Click on "" and click OK.


• Please right-click the driver icon in the taskbar and select "Quit" to exit the driver.


• Open the driver once again, and a window for adding permissions will pop up on the interface when the driver opens. Please click "open system preferences".



• On the "Accessibility" tab, please enable "".


• On the “Accessibility" tab”, click the“+”button and go to the "Applications" folder. Click on "" and click OK.


Restart your Mac and after that open the PenTablet setting then check for pen pressure.