How to setup express keys on Mac?

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The first thing you need to do is open up your PenTablet Settings. Once there click on the tab “Express Keys”


This is what your Express Keys tab looks like, here you can configure all the Express Keys and the Scroll Wheel (if your tablet has one).


Clicking on the drop down list, you can select the express key you want to program and customize. 


Depending on your tablet you will have more or less options here. Each selection represents an express key on your tablet.


Once you select the key you want to configure then you can click on the drop down list on the right.


This will give you a list of pre-made custom commands that you can use, but if you want to create or use your own commands, click on “Reset Customer Defined”



Once you click on Reset Customer Defined, you will then see a window like this:


Here is where you can create your own commands, All you need to do is press the keyboard key or keys combination of the command you want and it will be shown on the white rectangle. For example, here I pressed Cmd + A and you can see that it changed to that. 

You can also name your commands too, by clicking here and typing the name you want. Once you are done click Ok and the key will be configured.  


If you go back to the command drop down list, you will now see that your new command will be shown there. 



To configure you scroll wheel, it’s pretty much the same. You need to select the wheel you want to configure (some tablets have 2 scroll wheels) then click on the drop down list to the right. 


Once you click on the drop you list, you need to click on “Reset Customer Defined”


This is the window you will see, just like on the Express Keys once you are here you can press the keyboard key or keys for the command you want one each Scroll Wheel turn. 


Left Hotkey is for when turning the scroll wheel counter-clockwise and Right Hotkey is for clockwise turning. 

For example: you can set Left to Cmd + Z and Right to Cmd + O  for zooming in and zooming out. 


To configure the Pen Button keys, it’s also the same as the Express Keys and the Scroll Wheel. Open up your PenTablet Settings and on the Pen Tab you will see this:


You can click on either button that you want to customize and then select any of the commands already there.  


Or you can click on “Reset Customer Defined” to create your own. 


The configuration window is the same as with the Express Keys and the Scroll Wheel, all you gotta do is press the keyboard key or keys combination of the command you want, once you see it on the white rectangle you can then press Ok and exit out of that. 


Below are the other options you have on the configuration window and a small explanation of what they do, you will see the same on Express Keys, Scroll Wheel and Pen Button configuration:

Application: Here you set a key or button to open an app each time you press that button or key. Just click on “Browse” and select the app you want. 


HotKey: This is where you can press the keyboard keys to assign them to the key or button you are configuring.


Internet: Here you can set any website to be opened each time you press the button or key you are customizing.


Mouse: This part is so set any key or button to mouse commands like Right Click and Left Click. 



Disable Pen Pressure: Checking this option will disable the pen pressure.

Disable Key Function: This option will disable all Express Keys commands until unchecked. 

Disable Display Message: Every time you press an express key, the command or command name will appear on the bottom part of your screen. Checking this option will disable that message.


There is a way that you can have certain key commands for one program and different command keys for another program without having to reconfigure your keys every time you switch between the apps. 

Under the Express Keys tab, you want to click on “Keyboard Set”


You will then see this window, the next thing you want to do is press on the plus (+) sign button and then select the application you want those keys to work with. 


A window like this will pop here you can navigate your Mac until you find the application you want to use. 


Once you have selected the app, you will notice that all the keys will be pre-configured for you, after this you can always go back to each key and reconfigure it to any other command you want. 


You can configure both the Express Keys and the Scroll Wheel to work with specific keys on specific programs. 


You can do this with multiple programs and applications, just click the plus (+) sign button to add more and you can configure them all individually. 


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