Screen Flickering Issue with Artist 12 Pro

Applicable Model:Artist 12 Pro

Issue: You are having trouble with your XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro tablet. You have noticed that the screen randomly flickers and the image on the screen seems to vibrate. This has happened twice in the past few days. The most recent time, you were using the tablet to take notes via Microsoft OneNote, with only the HDMI cable and a single USB cable plugged into your laptop. After about 20 minutes of use, the screen flickering occurred, and you plugged in the red power cable, but the issue persisted. You rebooted the tablet with all cables plugged in, and the issue was resolved after that. You are not sure what caused the issue, but you have observed similar behavior before. You are using the XP-Pen Win (20190903) tablet driver with Nvidia Driver 436.15 on Windows 10.

Solution: If you experience screen flickering on your XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro tablet, we recommend trying the following troubleshooting steps:

 Check if your computer has other HDMI ports and try connecting the tablet to a different port. Or try to test the tablet on another computer with an HDMI port.

 If the issue persists, please record a video of the issue and send it to us at for further assistance.

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