Use Programmable Keys to Enable/Disable Windows Ink?

Applicable Model:Artist 12 Pro

Issue: Can I use the programmable keys on my Artist 12 Pro to enable/disable Windows Ink?

You may have encountered an issue where you need to switch between pen mode and mouse mode without entering the driver. Additionally, you may have set the dial as scroll up/scroll down but found that the action is only applied to the program/window that has your cursor on it. This can be frustrating if you are using the tablet as a secondary monitor.

To solve this issue, you wonder if it is possible to use the programmable buttons to enable/disable Windows Ink. This would allow you to switch between pen mode and mouse mode quickly and easily put your cursor back onto the tablet, allowing you to scroll up and down within your notes.

Reply: Currently, the driver does not support using the setup button to turn Windows Ink on or off. But you can set Windows Ink check or uncheck for different applications. If you want to use Windows Ink check or unchecked in the same application, I am very sorry that this feature is still not included.

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