When Artist connects to the computer, but stylus can not move the cursor

Applicable Model:Artist 10S,Artist 22,Artist 22E,Artist 16,Artist 13.3,Artist 15.6,Artist 16 Pro,Artist 22 Pro,Artist 22E Pro,Artist 12,Artist 15.6 Pro

1.      Please make sure your Artist has been connected to the USB port of the computer? If not, please connect it.

2.      If yes, please try to unplug and re-plug it to another USB port, or change another USB cable.

3.      Please check your battery of the pen barrel. If LED is turn on, please plug the USB charge cable into the pen and charge it at least 1~2 hours.

4.      Try to remove the driver and reboot the computer. When the system returns to the desktop, please connect the tablet to the computer directly (without driver installation) and test whether you can use the stylus to control the cursor or not.

5.      If the stylus also can’t control the cursor even without the driver, please try to test the Artist using another computer. When the problem still exists, there should be hardware damage with the Artist or stylus.

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