Problem with XP-pen Artist 15.6 Pro & Photoshop

Oct 17,2019 AM 00:10




i just started using my new Xp pen artist 15.6 Pro on a Macbook Pro computer and i'm having problems with Photoshop tools:

when i start the session it all works perfectly, i can change tools from the program (im using the brush, then i click on the eraser tool and it works as an eraser, then i click on the selection tool and i use the pen to select etc.)

BUT after some minutes of working,something goes wrong and i cannot change tool anymore: for example the brush tool starts working as if i was using the eraser tool and, even if i click on any other tool from the toolbar, it will work only as eraser.

the way to solve this is to switch off both the xp pen and the computer and start them again: for the first minutes after opening Photoshop it will go back to work normally, but after that it will glitch again.

that makes the product unusable; suggestions of what could be the issue and how to solve it?

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