Use Programmable Keys to Enable/Disable Windows Ink?

Sep 10,2019 PM 16:55



I just got my hands on the tablet (Artist 12 Pro). Have used it for a bit, and encountered an issue.

I wonder if it is possible to Enable/Disable Windows Ink via the programmable buttons?

So it is possible to switch between pen mode and mouse mode without entering the driver?

I was using the tablet to take note on Microsoft OneNote earlier.

I set the dial as scroll up/ scroll down, however, it seems the action is only applied to the program/window that has your cursor on it. Which means if I set the tablet as a secondary monitor, and having my mouse on the primary monitor, the notes on the tablet screen won't scroll up&down when using the dial.

I find moving the mouse manually takes a lot of time (cause you need to put down the pen and grab the mouse), if I can switch from pen mode to mouse mode (via disable the windows ink) and switch back to pen mode quickly, I can easily put my cursor back onto the tablet and allows me to scroll up&down within my notes.

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