Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners: 8 Step-by-Step Tutorials

Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners: 8 Step-by-Step Tutorials

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Getting started is always the hardest part. Are you passionate about drawing ideas but not sure where to begin?

Well, don't jump right into the intricate artwork of Japanese masters—complexity can be daunting and may quell your interest. Start first with some easy beginner drawings, then you can slowly progress, guided by positive feedback.

Check out these 8 drawing ideas for beginners, from cute cats and dogs to beautiful mermaids. They are listed from the easiest to the most challenging, and each comes with detailed step-by-step instructions. Save them and take your time to explore!

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Preparation Phase for Easy Drawing

In this article, we'll be using digital drawing throughout. If you're not familiar with it, don't worry! We'll start by showing you how to begin with setting up your canvas. Of course, if you're using paper, pen, and paint, that's totally fine too!

We're using the latest XPPen drawing tablet Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2). Its 16-inch HD screen makes every stroke clear and every detail vivid. For beginners, it's also a loyal companion that will stay with you for a long time.

We're using Photoshop as our software today. If you already have a working knowledge of Photoshop, that's great. If not, no need to fret—we'll provide detailed screenshots for you! You can download Photoshop or learn more about it on the Adobe Photoshop website.

Drawing Idea 1: Simple Leaves

leaves drawing steps

This is a digital painting tutorial designed for beginners. We'll start with a simple green leaf and create a natural gradient effect with a soft brush, making a realistic leaf. Draw some branches of the same color, then use the Quick Selection tool to copy several of the previously created leaves, and scatter them sparsely on both sides of the branches.

After that, let's add some details to the leaves, like veins and leaf textures using the Pattern Stamp tool, in a way you like.

Click the button below to see more detailed step-by-step drawing ideas for beginners. In this tutorial, we'll also share some tips, such as how to use a Clipping Mask to color within a specific area without going outside of it.

Detailed Leaves Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 2: Watercolor Flower Petals

watercolor flower drawing steps

After drawing the leaves, we naturally think of flowers, and that's how we got this very simple watercolor-style flower tutorial.

Watercolor painting is known for its ability to convey texture and volume using flowing water and minimal colors. Many believe this style can only be achieved on paper, but you can achieve the same effect using the Artist 16 (Gen 2) drawing tablet in Photoshop.

Choose the watercolor brush in Photoshop, then use the smudge tool to blend the edges of the petals to make them look more natural. Then, in a crucial step, go to Filter > Stylize > Find Edges, and the essence of watercolor strokes will emerge. Click the button below to see more detailed instructions for easy drawings.

Detailed Watercolor Flower Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 3: Realistic Rose

how to draw a rose step by step

After practicing with the previous two leaves and petals, we already have a good understanding of drawing plants. Now, let's take on a more challenging drawing idea for beginners: drawing a realistic rose.

This rose includes petals, a stem, and leaves, so your efforts in the previous two tutorials won't go to waste. What we've learned about adding texture will come in handy here.

By the time you finish this rose, you'll learn how to outline its shape, add shadows and highlights, and introduce highlights based on the light source. This might be a bit challenging for beginners, but don't worry. At this stage, you just need to replicate the image as closely as possible.

Detailed Realistic Rose Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 4: Cute Puppy Sketch

how to draw a dog step by step

Cute little animals can brighten your mood, especially the cute and fluffy kittens and puppies. Drawing adorable puppies is truly heartwarming. If you have a dog at home, even better—you can turn your beloved pet into your muse, recreate them in your artwork, and maybe even frame it to hang on your wall as decor.

We've created a detailed tutorial on how you can draw cartoon puppies and even realistic ones. In the detailed tutorial below, you can even learn to draw nine different dog poses.

Detailed Dog Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 5: Half-Face Cat Portrait

how to draw a cat face step by step

Since you've already drawn a dog, why not include a cat too? Cat lovers and dog lovers have always been debating in the pet world, but for beginners in drawing, it's better to try both.

Cats often have fluffy fur, and drawing a whole realistic cat might be a bit tough for beginners. So, let's start with a half-face portrait of a cat to make it easier.

In this idea, the challenge lies in portraying the cat's fur texture using different shades. The key is to add strokes in the direction of the fur, mixing soft and hard edges to make your artwork more lifelike.

Detailed Cat Face Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 6: How to Draw a Wolf

wolf drawing steps

Many businesses see the wolf as their totem, highly valuing its spirit of competition, resilience, and ambition. If you're not much into cute animals and prefer cool and fierce ones, you should definitely give wolf drawing a try.

The steps for drawing a wolf are actually quite similar to drawing a cat or a dog. Start by outlining the general shape, then identify the positions of the ears, eyes, and mouth. The tricky part is drawing the wolf's fur, which requires a lot of patience.

You can create a new layer, choose Overlay mode, and then use a small, round, firm brush in white to add fur to key areas.

Detailed Wolf Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 7: Create a Mermaid Drawing

how to draw a mermaid step by step

Many of us are familiar with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" when we were young, so the image of a mermaid is quite familiar. Mermaids, as a species that doesn't exist in real life, are famous in various stories for their mysterious charm and ethereal beauty. If you've ever been enchanted by these stories, then drawing a mermaid is a great choice.

The challenge in drawing a mermaid lies in her pose. A mermaid has a human upper body and a fish tail for the lower half. The lower half should be more flexible and curvaceous, showcasing her graceful posture, particularly in her flowing hair and fishtail.

Detailed Mermaid Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Idea 8: Mastering Nose Drawing

how to draw a nose step by step

When you start learning to draw, it's usually best to begin with simple things to build your drawing skills and confidence. An ideal starting point is to draw a part of the human body, like the nose. Despite its apparent simplicity, the nose is actually an ideal subject for practicing lines, shading, and proportions.

In this detailed tutorial, we'll show you the basics of drawing a nose, how to draw a nose from three different angles, and how to draw a nose when the light source is coming from different directions. This is an excellent choice for beginners in drawing.

Detailed Nose Drawing Tutorial

Final Words

Here are all the beginner-friendly drawing tips we shared today. We hope you find something useful in them and start drawing today!

In our XPPen's drawing guides blog section, you can find more advanced digital art tutorials, like a two-point perspective guide for drawing, Photoshop tutorials for making GIFs, and FlipaClip tutorials for creating 2D animations. Click the links to explore more.

You can also visit online art communities like DeviantArt to connect with other beginners and share experiences. Additionally, websites like Getty Museum offer a wealth of art education resources and articles, making them great references for art enthusiasts and newcomers.

But remember, art is not just about learning and following tutorials; it's also about self-expression and sharing your unique vision with the world. We'd love to see your creations! Feel free to share your artwork, drawings, or any creative endeavors in the comments section below. Your contributions and experiences can be a valuable source of motivation and learning for others.

Now it's time for you to pick up that pen, embrace your inner artist, and let your creativity flow. Any insights or tips for beginners learning to draw? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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